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Best Courier LLC Medical Delivery & Courier Services

Professionals within medical community utilize our services when they know that a package must arrive at its destination without delay.

We have the resources and experience to deliver your crucial Medical Supplies, Lab Samples, Specimens, Blood, Tissue Samples, Surgical Instruments, Radiology, MRI DVD;s Pharmacy supplies, Medical Records and parcels quickly and safely.

We also provide Emergency, STAT and Routine Delivery Service for temperature-controlled specimens, life-saving organs, blood products and medical equipment.

Best Courier LLC has fully trained and certified drivers too safely and correctly deliver your important medical items; including laboratory specimens and biological samples, pharmaceuticals, radiology films, records, and other supplies.

We answer the phone 24 hours a day 365 days a year with a company manager, no answering service.

Best Courier LLC is always here and ready to deliver for your medical facility.

Providing Same Day Medical Courier Service And Messenger Services To Southern California

STAT & Emergency Courier Service available

Non-stop use of the nearest available vehicle.

(Available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year)

  • Same Day Delivery throughout LA County, Orange County, San Bernardino and Riverside County.
  • Professional Uniformed Couriers and Messengers
  • Routed courier to pickup draws and samples daily to deliver to lab
  • Inter-Hospital loaning of surgical supplies and pharmaceuticals.
  • Inpatient Pharmacy delivery to correctional facilities
  • Distribution and Delivery services for medical supply manufacturers.
  • Services for County Hospitals

We Can Deliver All Of The Following And More

  • Pharmacy supplies
  • Pharmaceuticals
  • Pharmaceutical Delivery to Patients Home
  • Inter Hospital Loaning
  • Pharmacy Delivery to Correctional Facilities
  • Lab Samples delivery
  • Specimen Delivery
  • Lab Courier
  • Tissue Samples Delivery
  • Organ Delivery
  • Oncology Serum Delivery
  • Medical Records Patients Belongings
  • US Mail to/from Post office to Medical Facility
  • Hospital to Doctors office taxi mail
  • Doctors to Hospital records transfer
  • Radiology Films
  • Heart Monitor DVDs
  • Supplies to County Facilities
  • MRI DVD;s Surgical Instruments
  • Surgical Trays
  • Medical Supplies Delivery

Our driving and management staff is trained in Blood Borne Pathogen Handling and proper HIPPA practices to insure patient safety and security. Full emergency plan with emergency test results on file and available. All drivers are REPTRAX registered. (Reptrax is a web driven software service that aids in the credentialing and monitoring of service representatives in healthcare environments.)

Are you using In House Drivers?

using house driver

The demand for hospital, laboratory and pharmacy services is driven by advances in medical care and technology. The profitability of medical facilities depends on efficient operations; Labor is often the single largest operating expense usually equal to more than 40% of revenue.

To remain stable in the current economy, management at all levels in the medical industry must face the facts and act decisively. Hospitals and labs that have long had in-house drivers are now willing to consider out-sourcing their delivery needs. Outsourcing delivery operations saves your facility money by replacing fixed expenses with a variable expense.

Now is the time for a review of all costs and a willingness to explore new options. Providing these services in-house is often the most expensive choice in transportation. Outsourcing of a non-core function like delivery to a competent medical-specific courier can save a hospital system or lab 15-20% while maintaining quality patient care.

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